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Craig Murray on Hillary Clinton

No Remorse For Hillary

24 April, 2018

I am hopeful that the commendable discovery process involved in US litigation will bring to light further details of the genesis of Christopher Steele’s ludicrous dossier on Trump/Russia, and may even give some clues as to whether Sergei Skripal and/or his handler Pablo Miller were involved in its contents.
The decision by the Democratic National Committee to sue the Russian Government, Wikileaks, Julian Assange personally and the Trump campaign is an act of colossal hubris. It is certain to reveal still more details of the deliberate fixing of the primary race against Bernie Sanders, over which five DNC members, including the Chair, were forced to resign. It will also lead to the defendants being able to forensically examine the DNC servers to prove they were not hacked – something which astonishingly the FBI refused to do, being instead content to take the word of the DNC’s own private cyber security firm, Crowdstrike. Unless those servers have been wiped completely (as Hillary did to her private email server) I know that is not going to go well for the DNC.
I cannot better Glenn Greenwald’s article on why it is a terrible idea to sue Wikileaks for publishing leaked documents – it sets a precedent which could be used to constrain media from ever publishing anything given them by whistleblowers. It is an astonishingly illiberal thing to undertake. Nor is it politically wise. The media has done its very best to ignore as far as possible the actual content of the leaks of DNC material, and rather to concentrate on the wild accusations of how they were obtained. But the fundamental crookedness revealed in the emails is bound to get some sort of airing, not least as the basis of a public interest defence.
I have often been asked if I regret my association with Wikileaks, given they are held responsible for the election of Donald Trump. My answer is that I feel no remorse at all.
Hillary Clinton lost because she was an appalling candidate. A multi-millionaire, neo-con warmonger with the warmth and empathy of a three week dead haddock and an eye for the interests of Wall Street, who regarded ordinary voters as “deplorables” (a term she used not just once, but frequently at fund-raisers with the mega-wealthy). Hillary Clinton conspired with the machine that was supposed to be neutrally running the primaries, to fix the primaries against Bernie Sanders. The opinion polls regularly showed that Sanders would beat Trump, and that the only Democratic candidate who Trump could beat was Clinton. Egomania and a massive sense of entitlement nevertheless led her not just to persist to get the candidacy, but persist to rig the candidacy. She then proceeded to ignore major urban working class battleground states in her campaign against Trump and focus on more glamorous places. In short, Hillary was corrupt rubbish. Full stop, and not remotely Wikileaks’ fault.
Wikileaks did not go out to get the evidence against Hillary. They were given it. Should they have withheld the knowledge of the rigging of the field against Bernie Sanders from the American people, to let Clinton benefit from the corruption? For me that is a no-brainer. It would have been a gross moral dereliction to have done so. It is also the case that Wikileaks can only publish what they are given. Had they been given dirt on Trump, they would have published. But they were not given any leaks on Trump.
I should put in an aside here which might surprise you. I like Anthony Weiner. I have never met him, but I watched the amazing 2016 fly on the wall documentary Weiner and he came across as a person of genuine goodwill, passion and commitment, undermined by what is very obviously a pathological illness. I realise that was not the general reaction, but it was mine.
But – and now I am going to really annoy people – I have to say that from an international perspective, rather than an American domestic perspective, I am also not in the slightest convinced that Trump has been worse for the World than Clinton would have been. Trump has not, to date, initiated any new military intervention or substantially increased any military conflict during his Presidency. In fact his current actions more closely match his words about non-intervention during his election campaign, than do his current words. Despite hawkish posturing, he has not substantially increased American military intervention in Syria.
My reading of the reported chemical weapon attack on Douma is this. Whether it was a false flag chemical attack, a pro-Assad chemical attack, or no chemical attack at all I do not know for sure. But whichever it is, it was used to attempt to get Trump to commit to a major escalation of American involvement in the war in Syria. So far, he has not done that. The American-led missile attack was illegal, but fortunately comparatively restrained, certainly in no way matching Trump’s rhetoric. All the evidence is, and there is a great deal of evidence from Libya and Afghanistan, that Clinton would have been far more aggressive.
That leaves the dichotomy between Trump’s rhetoric and his actions. Certainly there is every sign of a sharp tilt to the neo-cons, His apparent preference in his press conference with Macron today for an extended presence of France, the former colonial power, and US troops in Syria is deeply troubling. His sacking of the sensible Tillerson from the State Department, and his appointment of the odious John Bolton as National Security Adviser all appear to be terrible signs. But still, nothing has actually happened. There is a reading that Trump is placating the neo-cons with position and rhetoric while his actions – in Syria and in what a hating political class fails to acknowledge has all the makings of a diplomatic coup in North Korea – go in a very different direction.
It is beyond doubt that Hillary, who cannot open her mouth without denouncing Russia for causing her own entirely self-inflicted failure – would be taking the new Cold War to even worse extremes than it has already reached, to the delight of the military-industrial complex and her Wall Street friends. It is open to debate, but I would contend that it is very probable that President Hillary would have launched a major attack on Syria by now, just like she presided over as Secretary of State in Libya.
So my answer is this. Firstly, Clinton caused her own downfall by arrogance, and by failing to grasp the alienation of ordinary people from neo-liberal policies that impoverished them while the rich grew massively richer. Secondly, I strongly suspect that if Hillary were President, more people would be dead now in the Middle East.
So no, I have no regrets at all.

Update on Syria - 04/24/2018

Syria-Iraq - U.S. Cuddles ISIS - Others Plan For The Final Fight

Moon of Alabama,
24 April, 2018
OIR Spokesman Verified account @OIRSpox - 15:02 UTC - 24 Apr 2018
#Iraq's strike on a known Daesh HQ in Syria was planned/conducted by the Iraqi Security Forces, w/ support from @CJTFOIR. This strike shows Iraq's willingness to do what's necessary to secure its citizens as well as their important role in the Global @Coalition to #defeatDaesh
The above tweet by the spokesperson for the U.S. Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) against ISIS is extremely misleading if not false. The U.S. is trying to take some credit for a strike which was done without its consensus. The attack against ISIS was initiated by an anti-U.S. alliance as a warning against further U.S. shenanigans with ISIS.

The U.S. military in Syria has refrained from fighting ISIS for months. The map of the territory held by ISIS (grey) at the Syrian-Iraqi border in the U.S. controlled zone north of the Euphrates (yellow) has not changed since November 2017.
(The yellow corridor going south east towards Iraq on the map is misleading. The U.S. has no forces there and ISIS crossed it several times to attack Syrian forces (red) across the river.)

The British group Airwars documents the U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. U.S. strikes on ISIS in Syria are down to one per day or less:

Airwars - 

The U.S. strikes hit, if anything, only very minor targets. From OIR's weekly summary fromMarch 30 to April 5 (Syria only):
Between March 30 and April 5, Coalition military forces conducted nine strikes consisting of 11 engagements in Syria and Iraq.

There were no reported strikes conducted in Syria on April 5, 2018.
There were no reported strikes conducted in Syria on April 4, 2018.
There were no reported strikes conducted in Syria or Iraq on April 3, 2018.
There were no reported strikes conducted in Syria on April 2, 2018.

On April 1 in Syria, Coalition military forces conducted one strike consisting of three engagements against Daesh targets.

• Near Abu Kamal, one strike engaged a Daesh tactical unit and destroyed a Daesh vehicle.

On March 31 in Syria, Coalition military forces conducted one strike consisting of one engagement against Daesh targets.

• Near Abu Kamal, one strike engaged a Daesh tactical unit.

On March 30 in Syria, Coalition military forces conducted one strike consisting of one engagement against Daesh targets.

• Near Shadaddi, one strike engaged a Daesh tactical unit and destroyed a Daesh vehicle.

Two cars and three assumed militants (aka 'tactical units') targeted in one week is not a fight at all. The total number of ISIS fighters in the area is estimated between 5,000 and 12,000. The current U.S. strikes are not even pinpricks.

It is obvious that the U.S. wants to keep ISIS alive and well to again use it, if need be, against the Syrian and Iraqi government. Then Secretary of State Kerry as well as then President Obama admitted that they used ISIS to put pressure on the Syrian President Assad and then Prime Minister of Iraq Maliki:
The reason, the president added, “that we did not just start taking a bunch of airstrikes all across Iraq as soon as ISIL came in was because that would have taken the pressure off of [Prime Minister Nuri Kamal] al-Maliki.
We now see a repeat of such 'games'. ISIS was given time to rest. It is regaining capacities especially in Iraq's Anbar province where it is moving between villages and threatening the inhabitants. It is issuing new strategic instructions to its followers and calls on them to attack or sabotage the upcoming elections in Iraq.

As the U.S. is unwilling to fight ISIS, the governments of Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia (+ Hizbullah) decided to again take the issue into their own hands. On April 19 the 4+1 met for coordinating their future campaigns.

Patch of the 4+1 op-room - via 
Military officials from Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia meet in their Baghdad operations room to coordinate the further fight against ISIS. Note the four flags on the head table.

@IraqiSecurity - bigger

@IraqiSecurity - bigger
The Iranian Minister of Defense Brig. Gen. Amir Hatami attended the op-room meeting and held additional meetings with leaders of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) or Hashd al-Shaabi. (IRGC commander Qassem Soleimani, a red rag for all anti-Iranian forces, is now intentionally kept out of sight.)

The high level operations room meeting agreed upon future operations and strikes. Before the meeting military intelligence officials of the 4+1 had identified a potential target for a common operation. An attack was planned and designed to give the new combat phase some fresh impetus. It was also intended to be a warning to the U.S.

Shortly after the meeting the Iraqi air force hit an ISIS command and control center in east-Syria near Abu Kamal within the nominally U.S. controlled zone:
According to an Iraqi military spokesperson, the operation was fully coordinated with the Syrian army.
The Iraqi Ministry of Defense distributed video of the successful strike on a three story villa. Iraq later announced that 36 ISIS fighters, including high ranking ISIS commanders, were killed in the strike.

After the strike had happened the U.S. Operation Inherent Resolve tried to take credit for the attack by claiming that its was involved.
SOUTHWEST ASIA – The Iraqi air force conducted an air strike near Hajin, Syria, against Daesh terrorists operating near the Iraq-Syria border on April 19. The strike was approved by the Iraqi Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Dr. Haider Al Abadi.
The strike demonstrates Iraq’s commitment to destroy Daesh remnants who continue to threaten their citizens. The operation was planned and executed by the Iraqi Joint Operations Command with intelligence support from the Coalition.
This operation highlights the capabilities of Iraq’s armed forces to aggressively pursue Daesh and to maintain their country’s internal security,” said Brig. Gen. Robert B. Sofge, deputy commanding general of operations, Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve.
The Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve’s mission is to defeat Daesh in designated areas in Iraq and Syria, and sets conditions for follow-on operations to increase regional stability.

My sources say that the U.S. claim is misleading if not completely false. After the four commanders in the Baghdad op-room decided on the strike, the Iraqi command initiated the pre-planned attack. The Iraqis informed the U.S. OIR command that a strike would happen but gave only a rough description of the target area. Said differently - no time was given to the U.S. to warn ISIS. The U.S. "intelligence support" for the operation consisted of keeping its planes out of the way.

The tweet by the OIR spox quoted above is a repeat of the statement the OIR command issued on April 19. It is claiming credit where non belongs.

While the U.S. cuddles with ISIS in Syria to again use it for its own purpose, the 4+1 plan for a larger common operation to finally destroy the Takfiri menace. I expect that operation to begin only after the Iraqi parliament election on May 12 is over and a new Iraqi government is in place. Enough forces will have to be prepared on the Syrian as well as the Iraqi side of the border. On the Syrian side a military bridge to cross the Euphrates has recently been rebuild by the Syrian military and new equipment is arriving in the area.  The meeting of the Iranian defense minister with the PMU hints at a strong role for these units in the upcoming fight.

Will the U.S. try to prevent or undermine the plan or will it stay out of the way?

The Israeli response to Russian supply of S-300 to Syria

Israel vows to destroy Russia's S-300 in Syria in case of danger

24 April, 2018

Representatives of the Israeli Defence Ministry responded to recent reports about the possibledelivery of S-300 SAM systems from Russia to Syria. Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Israel would destroy those systems if Syria uses them against Israeli aircraft.

The Israeli army will destroy Syrian S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems if they act against aircraft of the Israeli Air Force, Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in an interview with Ynetnews.

"If these weapons are used against us, we will act against them. One thing must be clear: if someone shoots down our aircraft, we will destroy them," Lieberman said.
"It is important for us that the defensive weapons that the Russians are transferring to Syria should not be used against us," Lieberman said.

The minister added that Israel did not interfere in Syria's internal affairs. At the same time, the official added, Israel will not allow Iran to inundate Syria with modern arms systems that would be directed against Israel. According to Lieberman, Israel's problem is not Russia, because Russian air defence systems had already been deployed in Syria and they had never been used against Israel
"We have an open line, we do have a communication channel. Sometimes it's a complex discussion, but it's open," he explained. "We have been constantly in coordination for several years and we can avoid friction with the Russians," concluded Lieberman.

On April 23, the Kommersant newspaper said that Russia could start delivering S-300 systems to Syria already in the near future because the question had been resolved. Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the information. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the decision on this matter had not yet been taken.

It is worthy of note that Israel regularly strikes the territory of Syria. The country conducted the last attack on April 9, when Israeli F-15 fighter aircraft fired missiles at the Syrian airbase in Homs after it was reported that an Iranian air defence system had been delivered there. WSJ said that the Iranian air defence complex was destroyed before it was brought into ready-to-use condition. The Israeli aircraft also destroyed the hangar, where Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles were stored.


Syrian War Report – April 24, 2018: US Builds New Base, Prepares For Next Phase Of Conflict

Russians down 4 armed drones in Syria

Much more on this tomorrow
Russian Air Base in Syria Downs Four Armed Drones; Thwarts Attack

24 April, 2018

Russian air defenses at Hmeimim airbase in Syria have intercepted and destroyed several unidentified objects targeting the base.

An airbase spokesperson later confirmed that the base was operating normally, with no damages or casualties reported as a result of the attempted attack.
"On April 24 … the airspace monitoring facilities at Russia's Hmeimim airbase detected a group of small-size unidentified airborne targets approaching the base," the spokesperson said in a statement. "All targets were destroyed by air defense means deployed at the base."
According to South Front, the Russian Pantsir-S1 airbase systems shot down two drones armed with projectiles that had been launched by a militant group. It also reported that rockets were also intercepted. Other media reports indicate that two to four objects were destroyed in the air.
A map of the base and the area it is in, appears below:

The airbase, which is just one of two operated by Russia in Syria, is located in the coastal city of Jableh. Russia operates a second base is Tartus.

6 Months of "Lost" Texts Between FBI Strzok and Page to be provided to Congress


BREAKING: DOJ will make the 6 months of missing texts that were eventually located by IG between Strzok and Page available to Congress sometime tonight or tomorrow, according to sources...developing 
Bombshell: FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Million 
The Democratic front-runner says she's raising big checks to help state committees, but they've gotten to keep only 1 percent of the $60 million raised. 
IG investigating Comey memos over classified information: report 
Comey says he orchestrated leak of memos ...(
SCIF) at the FBI... Mr. Comey provided him four of the seven... Professor Richman had four of the seven memos... it would appear that at least one memo the former FBI director gave Professor Richman contained classified information 
Need further proof that the fix was in from Pres. Obama on down? BUSTED: 19,252 Emails from DNC Leaked by Wikileaks 
Fusion GPS official met with Russian operative before and after Trump Jr. sit-down 
The Dallas IRS Office That's Quietly Determining the Fate of the Clinton Foundation 
On March 18, 2009, Hillary Clinton stopped using her longstanding email,, and switched to a new account:

Political SHTF! DOJ will provide to Congress 6 Months of "Lost" Texts Between FBI Strzok and Page

24 April, 2018
A lot of people in government are literally sick to their stomach tonight; the Department of Justice (DOJ) will turn over to Congress 6 months of text messages between two Hillary-Shill-FBI-Agents!   The political and legal fallout from what is about to take place is shaking Washington to its core.
By now most of America is familiar with two names of FBI folks at the epicenter of political intrigue and corruption: Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, pictured above.  
Those were the two who texted back and forth to each other about an "Insurance policy" to deal with Trump if he won the election . . . exposing an overt and illegal misuse of government Intelligence resources to potentially sabotage an incoming President and to potentially neutralize a lawful election. In simple terms, it appears so far that Strzok and Page were part of an effort by a group of high ranking government officials in several government agencies, to literally "frame" Donald Trump through false accusations of "Russia Collusion" in order to halt his Presidency.  The effect, at worst, would have been the nullification-by-subterfuge of a lawful American Presidential Election.  In more blunt terms, these folks seemed to think they knew better than 62 Million of us who voted for Trump, and they seemed determined to put a stop to OUR choice for President!
When the actions of these two came to light through text messages, Congress demanded the FBI turn over 6 months worth of their text messages for further investigation by Congressional oversight committees. 
The country was then STUNNED to hear the  FBI  "accidentally deleted" those records.  (Editor's note: The FBI was utterly DESPERATE to conceal those texts for fear the country would find out it had become the equivalent of  political police, mis-using the government to effect an election.)
What the FBI didn't realize at the time was that the Inspector General already had certified copies of all those text messages; the FBI's "accidental" deletion meant nothing.
Tonight, sources confirm to me that the DOJ will make the 6 months of missing texts between Strzok and Page available to Congress sometime tonight or tomorrow.
Prepare yourselves.  The political and legal fallout from this may very well be staggering.

The" biggest penguin die-off in many years" in New Zealand

Lack of food and rough weather responsible for the "biggest penguin die-off in many years" along with other birds and fish in New Zealand

A little blue penguin washed up on Mount Maunganui Main Beach. Photo / George Novak

24 April, 2018

Marine advocates are calling a large number of little blue penguins washing up along the Bay of Plenty coastline the "biggest penguin die-off in many years".

The Department of Conservation (DoC) Tauranga office had answered an average of five calls each week since February, and Western Bay Wildlife Trust's Julia Graham said the trust had 58 calls about dead penguins in two weeks.

"All of the penguins were dead, or died within a short time of arriving on land," Graham said. Hundreds of shearwaters, petrels, prions, shags and penguins, including dead poisonous pufferfish, were reported to have washed up along the coastline in January this year.

Graham said a combination of factors including lack of food, rough weather and moulting had triggered the mass little blue penguin fatalities.

"The combination of all of these events have led to the biggest penguin die off in many years.

"There is very little we can do to help these birds apart from offering them peace and quiet," she said. Katikati community ranger for DoC Tracy Mezger said the Tauranga office had received a higher number of calls about dead penguins than this time last year.

Mezger said it had received an average of five calls each week for dead, injured, or unwell penguins since February.

"About half the calls have been for penguins already dead," she said.

"They are a combination of single penguins or multiple penguins dead and washed ashore, both juvenile and adults."

Most of the calls were about penguins washed up on Mount Maunganui Main Beach, which Mezger said was likely because more people visited that beach than others.

An uodate on Arctic ice - April 24, 2018

Arctic ice: April 2018 Update

24 April, 2018

On April 22nd, 2018, Arctic sea ice extent was only 13.552 million km², a record low for the time of year. In 1987, by comparison, sea ice extent wasn't below 13.574 million km² even on May 22nd.

Meanwhile, CO₂ (carbon dioxide) levels are rising, as illustrated by the image on the right, showing that hourly levels were above 413 ppm at Mauna Loa recently.

Fires are raging near the Amur River in East Siberia, where CO₂ levels reached as high as 973 ppm on April 18, 2018, as illustrated by the image below.

As the image below shows, carbon monoxide levels at that spot were as high as 43,240 ppb on April 18, 2018.

The NASA Worldview image below shows the fires and burn scars on April 19, 2018.

Stuart Scott has produced two new videos in which he interviews Professor Peter Wadhams, 

A Conversation with Dr. Peter Wadhams - Part 1

and the video below, A Conversation with Dr. Peter Wadhams - Part 2

The situation is dire and calls for comprehensive and effective action, as described in the Climate Plan.

Ian56 Interview with BBC reporter Gabriel Gatehouse @ggatehouse for Newsnight

Ian56 (Ian Shilling) shows up BBC lies

Ian56 Interview with BBC reporter Gabriel Gatehouse @ggatehouse for Newsnight

This really has made my day.

Ian Shilling (Ian56) has revealed the lies of the BBC in advance of their Newsnight programme by releasing the entire interview in advance.

What it is a “journalist” (really a wet-behind the-ears stenographer) asking a series of question in what is clearly not designed to be an interview but to provide audio material that can be cut and edited into something they can use to distort, or even put words into his mouth.

To this end he reels off a list of events, whether he thinks they are false flags or staged events or not in some sort of expectation that he might come up with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ that can be used to paint the picture of a stupid conspiracy theorists.

Ian is far more clever than that and gives lengthy explanations for each that gave the evidence which showed where he stood without actually saying so.

Masterful, I would say.

Ian managed to use the situation to show up the ignorance and disinterestedness of the “interviewer”as well as the lies of the British government and media – in particular, the BBC.

My recording of my interview with BBC's Newsnight reporter Gabriel Gatehouse:-

Video link

Gabriel's description of the piece he is producing to be aired on BBC's Newsnight April 24th:-

"I’m doing a piece for Newsnight about information wars. I’ve interviewed quite a range of people, including Tara McCormack of the Syria Working Group in the UK, and Ben Nimmo of the Atlantic Council. They provide very differing perspectives about what happened in Syria and Salisbury respectively. Your name came up in my discussions with Ben Nimmo. He said he thought you might be working for a Russian troll factory. It seems you took the opportunity to set the record straight on sky news. I’d be keen to hear your perspective."

The material I asked Gabriel to read after our interview had finished - sent to him on DM's:-

Short summary of the Atlantic Council's funding and background on DFRlab

Excellent article about my "relationship" with the Atlantic Council / DFR lab's Ben Nimmo & his personal Vendetta against me. His personal attacks against me have been running for some months:-

Oh Those Embarrassing Moments: Atlantic Council's Ben Nimmo Outs 'Russian Bot' That Turns Out To Simply Be A UK Citizen Tired Of UK Government Warmongering


Debunking the Douma False Flag / Staged Event by Jaish-al-Islam and White Helmet terrorists:-

Contrary to Neocon War Propaganda there is ZERO evidence of Assad ever using chemical weapons on his own people. The #FalseFlag's carried out by al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Ghouta August 2013, Khan Sheikhoun April 2017 and Douma April 2018

I neglected to give Gabriel, Robert Fisk's excellent on the ground report from Douma:-

Legendary Middle East War Reporter Robert Fisk Reaches Syrian 'Chemical Attack' Site, Concludes "They Were Not Gassed"

Khan Sheikhoun April 2017 
The Khan Sheikhoun alleged "gas attack" staged by al-Nusra and White Helmets terrorists in Idlib April 2017:-

US Intel 100% know that Assad did NOT use chemical weapons in Idlib, so what's Trump's Game?

Some of the alleged "victims" of the alleged chemical attack in April 2017 were admitted to hospital in Turkey, BEFORE the attack took place. This is not suspicious at all (sic).

Gabriel then said the UN Report on Khan Sheikhoun had claimed "Assad did it"- but this report was a pure farce:-

I said:-
Nope the UN's report on Khan Sheikhoun was a complete joke. See former UN senior weapons inspector Scott Ritter's (of Iraq fame 2002/2003) write up on the UN report. There is NO chain of custody for the samples supplied to the UN by the al-Nusra terrorists in Idlib, or from Erdogan's Turkey from the alleged victims in Turkish hospitals.

If there's no Chain of Custody, there's no evidence. All we have is the word of the al-Nusra (al-Qaeda terrorists) who controlled Idlib and the town where the alleged chemical weapons attack took place.

Why the hell should anyone take the word of a terrorist who had every reason to stage a False Flag "chemical weapons attack"? The US & UK governments & media unquestioningly took the word of the terrorists. This is NOT Journalism. This is PROPAGANDA - regime change propaganda for the benefit of the terrorists who Assad is fighting.

You remember al-Qaeda right? They are the guys the US & UK governments accused of hijacking 4 planes and flying 2 of them into the World Trade Center on 9/11 murdering 3,000 Americans.
These are the guys the US & UK are SUPPOSED to be fighting (but are actually supporting in Syria).

The terrorists with the same al-Qaeda ideology also carried out the Bali bombing murdering about 200 Australian holiday makers and murdered 52 people in the terrorist attacks in London on 7/7 2005.

Khan Sheikhoun is a CLASSIC example of the mainstream media, including the BBC, NOT doing Journalism. Its very, very basic when examining the evidence of a potential chemical weapons attack to ensure the Chain of Custody of the samples - so why didn't the media stand up and say we don't have any Chain of Custody because no responsible independent party (like an OPCW investigations team) could visit the site of the alleged attack because it was infested with terrorists and it wasn't safe for anyone to go there who wasn't an ally of the terrorists?

I gave Gabriel some pictures comparing the Tokyo 1995 Subway attack using real sarin with First Responders wearing full Hazmat suits, versus the fake "sarin" staged event in Syria April 2017, where the White Helmets didn't even bother wearing gloves 

Skripal poisoning 

The best evidence from a a month ago - read the comment and the article debunking each one of the UK government claims:-

Craig Murray's article on "Russian to Judgement"

The following about the Skripal's was not included in my DM's to Gabriel.

UK government now seem to be changing their story, saying the poison was delivered "in a liquid form" - so not via a gel smeared on Skripal's front door handle, by a Russian wearing a full Hazmat suit at 4 O'Clock Sunday morning, unseen by anyone, then?

There is also considerable doubt as to what poisoned the Skripals.
"Military grade" Novichok will kill someone within 2 or 3 minutes if inhaled or within 20 minutes maximum, if absorbed by the skin.
So if the poison was on Skripal's front door handle why did it take between 3 or 7 hours - from leaving Sergei Skripal's house to having an effect,with them collapsing on the park bench around 4pm?
The government's official narrative is so full of holes - its like a slice of gorgonzola. 

The leaked Swiss OPCW lab's report says the Skripal's samples given to them by the UK government contain BZ toxin - which is slow acting and is a far less lethal toxin than nerve agents. I am awaiting more clarification on this evolving story.

N.B. we have no hard evidence that the Skripal's were actually poisoned. Yulia Skripal has not been allowed to do an interview to camera and there are no pictures of the Skripal's in hospital. Why????
There are also no pictures of the Skripal's collapsed on the park bench and being attended to by members of the public (as the UK government's official narrative claims happened). Why not? Almost every unusual event in a public space is recorded by someone on their phone camera - its so easy to take pictures (or short videos) these days.

Yulia Skripal seems to be being held hostage and incommunicado at an unknown location by the UK government. Surely she would want to speak with her boyfriend / fiancee in Russia, or her cousin Viktoria after the most terrifying event of her entire life?

Background to the escalating conflict with Russia from 2013 and the ongoing "Russiagate Hoax" started by the Hillary campaign in 2016 and still on-going in fits and starts (with absolutely zero credible evidence to back up the ridiculous claims).

Russiagate Background and History

Your Comprehensive Guide To, And History Of, The Russiagate Hoax


You (meaning Gabriel) refused to answer my questions on MH17, which were:-

Who benefited from the shooting down of MH17?

There are only 2 realistic suspects, the separatists in Donbass (possibly with Russian gov help)
the Regime in Kiev (or their Neo Nazi militia allies, or Oligarchs) installed by Obama and Neocon Victoria Nuland in an illegal Coup D'Etat using Neo Nazi thugs and snipers to murder both protestors and police.

The Co- Founder of the Svoboda Nazis Andrei Parubiy was in charge of the buildings controlled by the protestors and used by the snipers to murder both protestors and Police in February 2014.
Andrei Parubiy is now the speaker of Ukraine's Parliament (or Rada).
Go do a google search using "Parubiy Svoboda"

Full Timeline of Obama and Neocon Nuland's Coup in Ukraine from March 2013 to Feb 2014

So who gained from shooting down MH17?

Was it Putin?
Nope. As guaranteed by the mainstream media which contains ZERO journalists, Obama & Cameron immediately blamed Putin and the ethnically Russian separatists in Donbass, based on nothing but hot air and ZERO evidence. The SAME day or day after MH17 was brought down.

Russia was subjected to sanctions based on ZERO evidence and no motive, plus other undeserved penalties

Did the pro Russian separatists in Donbass benefit from shooting down MH17?
Nope - pretty much the same reasons as Putin.

Did the Regime in Kiev benefit from the shooting down of MH17?
Boy they SURE did. Russia got sanctioned, they got the support of Western media for IMF loans and they were hoping for massive amounts of US weapons and military logistical support.
Obama refused to give them most of the weapons they wanted. The US gave Kiev a couple of dozen of clapped out Humvee's with machine gun turrets and the UK government gave them around 20 cast off Stryker armoured cars.
Kiev continued to get CIA satellite pictures and AWACS surveillance to monitor the movement of the separatist forces.
They also got the US to start training the Ukraine army, which also included the Neo Nazi militias like the Azov brigade. Training started on Hitler's birthday April 20th 2015 - how appropriate! 

Where is the evidence for a BUK missile being fired to shoot down MH17?
We have no CIA / Pentagon infra red satellite pictures which would have pin pointed the site of any Buk missile launch to within 10 metres or less. Nope no pics.

Where are the dozens of pictures and videos from ordinary people within 10 to 15 miles of the supposed BUK launch site. A BUK missile trail is visible for 10 to 20 minutes after the launch (depending on the wind velocity, there was very little wind on that day). 

There are around 100,000 people living within around 10 miles of the alleged BUK missile launch site. (edit the true figure is nearer 250,000).
We would expect at least 10,000 of those people to have seen this massive rocket trail (its unmissable) and maybe 1,000 people or so, to take some pictures of it. But there are NO pictures. The only alleged pic to be taken is a discredited forged pic by a couple of Kiev regime supporters, which Bellingcat used in their Fake laughable "analysis" of MH17.

There are videos of luggage and other debris raining down to the ground near the MH17 crash site though.

The CIA know EXACTLY how MH17 was shot down and they will have a very good idea of who by. But they're not telling anyone and they're not providing any hard evidence (like infra red satellite pics).

The body of the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) and Joint Investigation Team (JIT) reports on MH17 is inconsistent with a thin skinned civilian airliner being shot down with a 96kg BUK missile warhead filled with 7,000 pieces of shrapnel from near head on, exploding 1 to 2 metres away from the cockpit. The damage is too light. There's too little shrapnel in the cockpit, plane or bodies. The Australian coroner's report says NO BUK missile shrapnel was found in any of the 50 to 100 Australian victims. Huh???

All this is just very basic journalism, basic Critical Thinking, and very basic research. But NOBODY in the Western media is interested in doing any Journalism or doing any basic research. They are ONLY interested in pushing propaganda on behalf of the Warmongers.

In fact nobody in the media is interesting in asking any questions at all. That's why the US & UK government's can get away with massive crimes and massive lies at will. There is no "Free Press" in the US & UK mainstream media - there is only a propaganda factory. Exactly like Stalin ran in the USSR or Goebbels ran in the 1930's.

My apologies for rabbiting on. But it really is about time that someone from the BBC started reporting something approximating to the truth using basic journalism, Critical Thinking and basic research instead of a shed load of lies by acting as stenographers for a corrupt War Criminal government - see Iraq, Libya, Syria, genocide in Yemen etc.

Gabriel: "Thanks for sending your thoughts Ian. I’m not ignoring you. Just got to crack on writing this story."

Me "Yes I understand. When you have a spare hour please read my links and DM's. Perhaps you could do it tonight after you get home and had something to eat?

An hour-long interview with Richie Allan that is worthwhile listening to.
Ian Shilling - The Journalist Who Owned SKY News After He Was Accused Of Being A Russian Bot!

Richie Allen

If you missed an equally-impressive performance, standing up to TWO hostile journalists from SKY News
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